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Back in college

A few years back when I was at college, a friend of mine would come in to class and give me videos from Helix Studios. I couldn’t wait to go back home and slip them in to jerk off too. Sometimes they were amateur gay teens and sometimes they were straight to pay. I didn’t care as long as it had a cock and a male ass to be shown I was more than happy.
I come from a small countryside village where things like that just weren’t mentioned let alone seen. I took it all in then I moved to the big bad city. I met hookers on the street, rent teen boys, who were the same age as me in the bars, and everyone at college was talking about gay sex. When I first moved there, I was still a virgin, but it didn’t take me long to sort that one out. In fact, I think I had only been at college for a couple of days when I felt the first cock up my ass.
My new friend Josh (I have mentioned him in the past) suggested I go to his house to help me with his homework. As I was there, he put on a free gay video for me to watch. It was a straight one I must admit, but never the less, I was soon turned on.
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On the internet, when I look for free porn videos, I always tap in gay with it as that is what I really want to see. Years ago I didn’t get the choice what I watched as it was always somebody else’s choice. Now that it’s my choice I watch loads of the stuff, and I can’t believe all the kinds of themes they have.
The reel to reel video era was great, but now on the internet, it’s much better, and as my friend Justin Owen is coming round in a few minutes I have to go. I have chosen the theme for tonight’s session, and its ‘college and teen boys,’ my ass is already twitching in anticipation.