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Out of the twink themes around, I like to watch hairy daddies fucking young men from Europe, and even older men.

I don’t really care, I just like them, always have, always will. I like them to take control and use their experienced cocks in my mouth, or up my ass. Have you ever wondered where your fantasies come from, or what maybe, if anything triggered them off? What I am going to tell you now, is partly truth, but mostly fiction based on what triggered my thing for gay twinks is based on.

My Fantasy For Euro Twinks

belamiI was still at school, and always getting into trouble. This is many years ago when you could still get caned at school. I was caned quite a bit, but thought nothing of it except it stung like buggery. One day I was standing next to my teacher ( that was from Europe )who was sat down looking through my work. He was hairy and had a beard which was starting to show bits of white. As he read my homework, his hand began sliding all over my firm young gay ass. His hand even went between my thighs almost touching my tight balls. My cock was erect in seconds, and I am sure that if anyone looked up, they would have seen my obvious erection. I felt my face glowing with heat as my teacher started telling me how bad my work was.
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I knew what was going to come, and even though I knew what was about to happen, my cock pulsated with excitement.
He pulled me over his lap, I felt my cock rubbing against his thigh, he must have felt my hard dick grinding against him, but he said nothing. His hand caressed my ass as he gave me a lecture on something. I don’t know what he was talking about because my head wads in a spin.
He started to slowly spank my ass, and I am sure to this day that I felt his cock throb against me as he kept hitting my ass which was by now glowing red raw. I didn’t cry, in fact I am sure I stared to moan in lust. The only time I cried out was when I filled my pants with fresh hot cum.

He quickly stood up after I came and walked out the door. I think he might have shot his load too.
As I wrote this Belami gay porno story, the fantasy washed over me and I got so excited that it was like being back at school, my pants are soaking wet and I need to go and change, but this will have to wait as I am at work, and my boss is heading this way. By the way, he is also a hot euro twink and I have to watch my step, otherwise I could be in trouble…

Helix Studios Review – The Best Gay Twink Site In The World ?

Helix Studios is a very popular twink and jock site that has been around for over 14 years. Launched in early 2002, the studio released its first full length movie on DVD later the same year. The popularity of Helix Studios has allowed the site to branch out into sub-studios: Fratboy, HotStuds, LatinStuds, RawLads, and 8Teenboy all offer specialized treats for their viewers.

The Gay Teen Models

Although the focus of Helix Studios relies on twinks, there is also a nice variety of athletic jocks and plenty of college-aged dudes ready to have some fun. Currently there are over 750 guys listed in the model index. Some famous gay teen porn stars ones also: Tommy Anders , Tyler Berke and many more. Here you will find all the relevant vital statistics you need for each one. This index is super easy to use, and lets you find what you are looking for in seconds.

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Choose from smooth twinks or look for someone with some meat on his bones. There are some really great looking beefy guys to choose from. With a host of hunky men to choose from, you just need to decide on what really turns you on. The site offers up clean-cut, boy next door, dudes – some twinks, some muscular guys. You can find scruffy guys, but they are gorgeous under the scruff. Guys with tattoos and piercings are also available on site. Thanks to the sub-studios, you can choose men from North and South America and hunks from Europe. Choose a pale white twink, or an exotic dark haired Latin.

Cock size varies as much as the men themselves are different. Some have small fat ones, some are long and skinny; some guys have long, thick cocks that look like monsters. Cut and uncut seems about even across the board.

Early on, the studios use to do solo shoots that became stand alone picture sets. You can find 72 models both clothed and naked in these high-quality photos that can be downloaded in a zip file. Save them all, or just save your favorites. These pictures are sized at 1,000×1,500 up to 1,328×1,999, so you know you are getting some quality pictures. Sadly, it seems like this is a thing of the past, as the number of guys far exceeds the number of these stand alone photo shoots.

With so many preferences, you can see how easy it is to choose the guy of your dreams.

The Hardcore Teen Videos

Helix Studios currently offers 2,639 separate videos; most of the scenes were filmed for the website, some are taken from the 401 DVDs that Helix Studios has produced. Beyond the normal great gay porn videos, there are a lot of behind the scenes shots and some live shows recorded for those who missed them when they went live. Every week the site adds three new videos, and often a live show, enough to keep members active and happy.

Videos can be streamed or downloaded. Streamed videos are available in three sizes: the older ones play at 640×480 or 640×360, while the newer videos play at 960×540. The oldest videos are approaching 14 years old, so the quality is not the greatest. However, as amateurish as they seem, the action is just as hot as it is now. Videos can be streamed on the Roku streaming player. Older videos play at 960×540 or 640×480, which is good for the time it came out. The DRM-free downloads, in M4V format remain the same, except the newer films play at 1080×720 with some being smaller but are still good amateur quality scenes. These smaller versions work fine on most mobile devices, including the iPad and iPhone. Many of the video files come in HD, and some streaming videos are also HD.

Each video has a description page that tells you about the film itself; and includes links to every models’ page, to link tags and to a fantastic picture gallery. Every gallery holds between 12 and 40 photos; the older pictures are actually screencaps from the films and are either 640×469 or 480×360; the new pictures are digital stills that are sized at 1,000×1,500. The quality of the older pictures isn’t bad, but the sharpness of the newer ones makes the old ones pale in comparison. Pictures can be viewed in online galleries or can be downloaded. Download all into a zip file, or pick and choose which ones you want to keep. All photos show each performer at his very best – in action and physique.

The Action inside Helix

With a site this large you are assured of finding whatever kind of gay teen porn you desire. Many guys enjoy jerking off in front of the camera, and put on a grand show doing so. You can find awesome dues that love going hardcore, or watch three horny guys get down and dirty. Gangbangs are not unusual, and the sex and fun is wall-to-wall non-stop.

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You’ll find plenty of cock and ball sucking, lots and lots of rimming, and twirks either getting reamed or pounding into someone’s tight asshole. Into kinky stuff? You’ll find bareback riding, roasting, role playing, spanking, bondage, and lots of sex toys in use.

While a lot of twink sex is left in the bedroom, you will be thrilled to be able to watch these guys screw their brains out in public places. These guys think nothing about sex in the living room, locker room or swimming pool. Anytime the opportunity arises, these guys take full advantage of the time they have.

How much does a Helix Studios membership cost?

Members can choose between two plans: the cheaper one allows for streaming-only, while a full membership allows both streaming and downloading. Those who want to save videos to watch offline should choose the full membership option. Downloading videos or pictures is not an option with the streaming-only option.

Membership price is reasonable. Helix Studios has worked hard to consistently bring its members quality videos. Although some of the videos and pictures are not of superior quality, they are still worth the money spent on a full membership.

Finally, there is an email offer on the join page that you have to uncheck if you don’t wish to get daily emails from the site. Some don’t mind knowing in advance what is happening on the site, some just want to visit the site itself to find new things. Just remember to choose emails or not, and enjoy the site for what it is – one of the best and biggest twink and teen websites online.

Huge gay teen orgy from Helix Studios

There is plenty of boiling hot cum flying about over hot sweating bodies as they have hot sex in this hardcore movie made by Helix Studios. Five horny teen stars star in this fourth vampire episode in what has been an awesome fantasy. Max Carter, Casey Tanner, Blake Mitchell and Chandler Mason all bow down and do whatever Justin Owen, the main vampire, tells them to do.
Justin Owen has told all his men to be in a room at a certain time. They all do as he says as no one dares defy him. Max Carter, Casey Tanner, Blake Mitchell and Chandler Mason are all there. Justin tells Chandler Mason and Max to kiss, and then he tells them, and everyone that he wants then all to fuck. Chandler Mason gets down straight away and starts sucking on Max’s seven and a half inch thick dick as Blake goes down and sucks on Casey’s hard dick as their master, Justin strokes his thick dick as he watches them all getting excited. Everyone gets a chance to suck on each other’s dicks and get their balls licked all over.
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Justin is on his knees sucking on Max’s cock as Casey takes a long lick of his asshole and slaps his firm butt cheeks. Chandler Mason gets his ass rimmed and fingered by the bearded Max as Blake and Justin turn their attention to Casey’s hard and horny body.
Casey is the first on to get his tight ass fucked. He leans over after Justin has soaked his asshole with his saliva and Justin gets Blake to stand behind him and shove his cock straight up his ass. Blake doesn’t need telling twice, and is more than happy to fuck this muscular man’s tight hole. Everyone carries on sucking on cocks as Blake moves away from Casey’s powerful ass, and Justin takes over.
It all turns into one big amateur twink fuck fest as Casey lies on his back sucking a cock at the same time as he gets his ass fucked hard again, and Damian fucks Max’s ass as he sucks on Chandler’s cock. Sweat dribbles down their masculine bodies as they fuck like dirty animals in a sordid dungeon as they getting closer to cumming. Justin Owen kneels down and as they stand in a circle all around him, All of them, Max All Malek, Casey Tanner, Blake Mitchell and Chandler Mason spurt the cum into Justin’s open mouth. Justin lies back, his mouth full of hot cum and blasts his body with his own thick creamy cum.

Justin Owen looks mean and moody, He has short brown hair and smouldering brown eyes, and he has an eight and a half inch uncut dick. Justin has been in thirty three hardcore flicks for this gay teen porn site and has got a huge following.

Max Carter looks like a Greek god with his black beard, brown eyes and muscular hairy body. He has starred in six hardcore movies with this homosexual studio, he is a versatile man and has a seven and a half inch uncut dick.

Casey Tanner is a hulk of a twink. He is six feet three inches tall and has an amazing muscular body with some hair and a few tattoos. He is a bottom and has a seven and a half inch cut cock.

Blake Mitchell is a good looking versatile bottom with a lean hairy body. He has starred in thirty three movies with Helix and he has and a six inch cut cock. He has brown hair, brown eyes and is five feet eleven inches tall.

Chandler Mason has a smooth young body covered in tattoos. He is a versatile top and has an eight and a half inch cut dick, has brown hair, brown eyes and is five feet six inches tall and is a great asset to Helix Studios.

Back in college

A few years back when I was at college, a friend of mine would come in to class and give me videos from Helix Studios. I couldn’t wait to go back home and slip them in to jerk off too. Sometimes they were amateur gay teens and sometimes they were straight to pay. I didn’t care as long as it had a cock and a male ass to be shown I was more than happy.
I come from a small countryside village where things like that just weren’t mentioned let alone seen. I took it all in then I moved to the big bad city. I met hookers on the street, rent teen boys, who were the same age as me in the bars, and everyone at college was talking about gay sex. When I first moved there, I was still a virgin, but it didn’t take me long to sort that one out. In fact, I think I had only been at college for a couple of days when I felt the first cock up my ass.
My new friend Josh (I have mentioned him in the past) suggested I go to his house to help me with his homework. As I was there, he put on a free gay video for me to watch. It was a straight one I must admit, but never the less, I was soon turned on.
‘How about this one?’ He said, and then I saw it for the first time in my life, two men having sex together. A moan of excitement escaped through my lips. ‘I knew it’ he said excitedly and yanked his pants down.
I was all over him like a rash, all those years of longing, and the only time I looked back was when he was fucking my ass. We have stayed friends ever since, fuck buddies occasionally, but most of all, he helped me to get sex with some of the best guys around. All they needed to do was to come up to me and tell me they had a free porn movie to show me, and I was theirs. What a slut I became, but it was great fun.
I have even kept my video player just in case a friend comes round with an old homoseuxal twink movie for us to watch. It brings back great memories and we always get drenched in cum after.
On the internet, when I look for free porn videos, I always tap in gay with it as that is what I really want to see. Years ago I didn’t get the choice what I watched as it was always somebody else’s choice. Now that it’s my choice I watch loads of the stuff, and I can’t believe all the kinds of themes they have.
The reel to reel video era was great, but now on the internet, it’s much better, and as my friend Justin Owen is coming round in a few minutes I have to go. I have chosen the theme for tonight’s session, and its ‘college and teen boys,’ my ass is already twitching in anticipation.